Sunday, October 15, 2017

Why Sugar Daddies Are Perfer To Date Sugar Babies Online

Now, imagine you are a man who makes an honest living that allows you to earn enough money to live freely for the rest of your life without going to work.
Obviously, this means you don’t need to work too hard to attract women – if you are handsome and nice as well, chances are you will be overloaded with dates and relationships.
Men like that, you think, will end up marrying a celebrity or successful woman like him. However, the fact is some of them choose to become sugar daddies. So what makes them so desperate to sign up for a bunch of top sugar daddy dating websites just to date a sugar baby online?
If you are wondering why a man agrees to date with a college girl, who mainly cares about his money, read on!
3important reasons makes a man want to be a sugar daddy
1.He can fulfill all of his fantasies
When you have the money, of course you want to make the wildest dreams come true to indulge yourself. Sugar daddies find that in dating sugar babies. His bucket list can include,Know how Hugh Hefner feels to have young, beautiful women around. And they meet his expectations. If he wants a vivacious blonde? Okay. If he wants an elegant brunette? Alright!
Back to 20s, the golden days, once again. 
- Become the knight in shining armor. Some men actually enjoy taking care of young women and have a mentor role in their lives. 
- Engage with many different partners.
and so on. Logging in to sugar baby dating websites allows him to find the right sugar baby who listens to his wishes and make them come true in return for money, what he has a lot.
2.He doesn’t want to deal with troubles from regular dating
Relationships are complicated. A man involved with a woman has duties to do, such as listening to constant phone calls, going on regular weekend dates, remembering and celebrating every single anniversary,... He also might have to wait for his woman to get the make-up done, try to understand what’s on her mind, or fall into endless arguments,... Furthermore, every choice must be approved by both parties.
In a sugar daddy relationship, things don’t work like that. A sugar daddy can decide to see his sugar baby on his own terms. A sugar daddy can get to dictate where to go for dinner, who to meet or what to do on vacation. The person with the money is in charge, and the sugar baby can either come along and reap the benefits or stay home and give that chance to other sugar babies on websites.
3.He needs someone to stroke his ego
Every man likes to have his ego flattered. He wants to be admired for his status in life. He wants to be judged based on factors that he controls: success, stability, and maturity. He wants to be the boss. He wants to be appreciated since at home his wife now calls him old nag.
And that’s where the sugar baby come in – she is there to please her sugar daddy, otherwise, why would he spend his time sifting through tons of profiles on best sugar baby websites for?
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